Dear Church Family:

We have received the “green light” to ease back into gathering together for worship and we are so excited to welcome you back!  In anticipation, we have developed some guidelines for Reopening of our worship services. Understand this is unprecedented and we are doing our best to ensure we keep both safety guidelines and our ability to fellowship top priority.  We may have to make some adjustments along the way and will keep all of our members up to date with all the latest!

Please take a moment to read through the new changes and we can’t wait to see you:

1)  To ensure adequate social distancing, we will continue to offer three worship services, one on Saturday Nights at 7:00pm and Sunday Mornings at 10:00am. Members will be asked to register either online on our website or by calling the church office.  We will ask you to select which service you plan to attend each week, for the time being, so we can ensure to keep our capacity at acceptable limits. We are marking the pews to show where you will be allowed to sit (individual, couple, or family group), spaced well-apart, with some spaces available for “visitors.” We will hold three services with limited attendance until it is safe to return to regular attendance.

2)  Even when we are back to public worship, we will continue to stream 10:00am service “live” on Facebook so that those who may not yet feel comfortable to attend in person can still participate online. This will also be a blessing to anyone who can not make it for any reason, as well as a way to extend the reach of our service into our community.

3)  All worshipers will be required to wear a mask, preferably bringing one from home. Those coming without a mask (including visitors) will be given a mask to wear and to keep. People will be asked to take home their mask and wear it to services they attend. Participants in leading worship will wear masks, except when they are engaged in speaking or singing. The congregation will sing wearing masks.

4)  Greeters and ushers will wear masks, and will not be shaking hands at this time. Greeters will stand outside each door and open and close the door so people don’t have to touch the doors. There will be hand-sanitizer inside the doors as people arrive as well as available within each of the pews.. Ushers will pass out bulletins while wearing gloves. We will have a secure box set up at the entry of the church for the Tithes and Offerings. 

5) Communion Sundays  will be served using one loaf and individual cups that only the servers touch while wearing gloves and masks. Ushers will invite people to be served so that there is not a crowded line waiting to be served. The aisles will be marked with 6 feet distances. As people approach the altar, they will pull down their masks so they are able to take communion. Each person will open the palms of their hands and a piece of bread will be dropped onto their palms. The juice will be placed on the Altar Rail that each person will pick up their own individual cups, and replaced with a new one by a person with a gloved hand. After receiving communion, people will throw their cups in the trash and return their masks to their proper position before returning to their seats.

6) Instead of a Fellowship Hour in the Fellowship Hall, we will set-up a refreshment table outside ( maybe under a tent?) with some light pre packaged refreshments so people can briefly stand (at a safe distance) and chat for a few minutes before leaving. We will not do this for now until we feel comfortable returning to this! 

7) Sunday School will follow the same guidelines as we have set forth for the worship services. Each person (Teacher and Student) will wear a face mask. Sanitizer will be set up when entering the room. Chairs and Tables will be cleaned and Sanitized after each use.  Meetings will be held in Fellowship Hall, and will have in-person, Zoom Meeting and teleconferencing available to ensure the safety of all.

 8) Youth Group and M&M’s will follow all guidelines as above. Masks, Hand Sanitizing, Disinfecting Tables and Chairs after each use.  I will let them choose where they meet. (Meal? Burger King, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Pizza). Workers handling food MUST wear gloves and serve each person.

10) Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts will follow all social guidelines and the ones that we have set forth. The room chairs sinks and bathrooms must be cleaned and sanitized after each meeting. Each person must wear a mask and sanitize hands. No hand shaking will be done.

11) The Bike Path Ministry may resume but with limitations. NO preparing food or prepared food from home may be provided. Fruit, Single Drinks, and Prepackaged food may be served. If you need a Microwave we can look into getting one and you can get Sausage and Egg Biscuits they can heat up. Tables and seats must be cleaned to the best ability they can be. (Use Disposable Table Cloths from Dollar Tree) Hand Sanitizer must be used workers will wear Masks and Gloves at all times

12) The Food Pantry will allow up to 2 guests at a time and will give individual bags/boxes to each family we serve. Tables will be wiped and sanitized each day. 

13) Bathrooms will be cleaned after each service. We will provide Disinfectant wipes in each restroom for the person to clean the seats before use.

14) Clothes Closet may reopen with limited access. We will not allow more than 2 quests at a time, and 20 minutes max inside. You may have up to 4 workers in there at all times. Workers and Guests will wear a mask at all times. The projected time frame for reopening is July 2020.

I know this is a crazy time in our world, and we are doing everything we can to instill processes to provide as much safety as possible while we transition back to normalcy. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us.


Sunday School will open July 5, 2020

Youth projected to reopen in  August 2020

M&M’s projected to reopen in August 2020