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Following the example of Jesus, our goal is to serve our local community and reach the lost for Christ.



With a heart pointed to hospitality church members are ready to serve our local bicycle community with snacks, drinks, and fellowship. Join the group Saturdays from 7 am to 12 pm with a Bible Study between 8 am and 9 am. Water is also available throughout the week at this shaded bike stop.

Interested in helping out? Contact [the Church Office for information on how to get involved! (321) 267 - 6202


It's Simple: The Blue Crew gets stuff done. Our Blue Crew is a diverse group of people who tackle problems and needs around the Church property and in our local Community. Think you can lend a hand to a neighbor in need or want to learn what it take to keep the Church property looking good? Join the Blue Crew and see how much change you can make on the world through sweat and know how.

Reach out to the Church office for more information!

(321) 267-6202

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Donation Center


You cannot solve all of your problems with a new outfit, but you can solve some. The Clothes Closet located in Hope Cottage and offers clothes, shoes, belts, purses, and more free of charge for those in need. Our volunteers are prepared for any need from everyday clothing to business and interview attire.

The Clothes Closet opens in Hope Cottage to the community every Wednesday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and the last Saturday of each month from 9am-12pm.

Looking to make a donation of clothes or time?

Contact the Church office at (321) 267 - 6202


Time and time again we see Jesus feed the hungry in the Bible and our aim is to continue that important work. Tuesday of every month a group of our members gather to hand out food items to those in need. With mindset of giving abundantly, the bags are packed to the brim providing families with groceries for the coming week. Our Pantry is stocked year round with the essentials, so if you know a family in need please send them our way!

If you would like to get involved with this ministry please contact the Church office at (321) 267-6202

Preserved Food


Spend your Sunday evenings with the Teens at the "Fire Pit" playing games, having fellowship, and learning about Jesus! This welcoming group opens their doors from 4pm to 6pm pm every Sunday night with periodically scheduled outings and events. We aim to cultivate an atmosphere parents can trust and teens will love. 

Want to start the process to volunteer with youth programs? Please reach out to the Church office (321) 267 - 6202 for information on how to get involved - Please note this process includes a Federal Background Check. 


Lovingly called our M&Ms this group focuses on our kids from Kindergarten to the 5th Grade. Our hope is to provide a safe and fun environment to present the Bible to our kids so they can plant their lives on a Firm Foundation. Meeting every Sunday night between 4 - 6 pm our M&Ms the kids meet with teachers for a lesson, games, and a meal! Let us help equip your young ones with the Biblical tools they'll use for life, join us this week!

Want to start the process to volunteer with youth programs? Please reach out to [the Church office (321) 267 - 6202] for information on how to get involved - Please note this process includes a Federal Background Check. 

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Prayer Group


Every Tuesday at 8 am our "Prayer Warriors" join together in prayer for the concerns and needs of our church, community, and country. If you have a prayer request please send them to the Church office at

In the Bible we regularly see Jesus practice faithful and diligent prayer during His time on earth and the members of this group wish to follow His perfect model. There is no need too great or small which cannot be answered through prayer.

Our Prayer Warriors are always looking for more people to join them in prayer. If you have an interest in joining, even if you don't pray out loud, please contact the church office for more information at (321) 267-6202

Click Here to submit a prayer request.


Come join us weekly in the Fellowship Hall on Wednesday Nights.  Bible Study begins at 6pm. This is a great way to connect not only with fellow church goers but also with Jesus as we dig deeper into his teachings.


Questions about our ministries? Feel free to ask using the button below

Serve Like Jesus: Get Involved
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